• Help shape the future of IABC Fort Worth

    Results from our recent survey offer what could be very useful information.

    Almost 70 percent of respondents indicated they would “likely” attend an IABC-sponsored professional development event.

    Analysis of the results reveals that respondents generally prefer events:

    • At a venue in downtown Fort Worth
    • During lunchtime
    • That focus on a creative skill, communications measurement or social media
    • That last about 1-1/2 hours

    This could be very useful and actionable information. But since we received just 23 responses from July 19 through Aug. 25, the survey’s results don’t offer much confidence upon which to move forward.

    The overall response is disappointing, but the most disheartening result is that only one respondent expressed firm interest in serving as a board member or in another volunteer role.

    Obviously, without steady leadership and support from volunteers, the IABC Fort Worth chapter is unsustainable and the next step could be deactivation. However, we could save the chapter if more members or non-member communications professionals would commit to leadership or other volunteer roles. We could once again offer members and non-member participants the value they expect and deserve.

    So, unless more volunteers step forward by Sept. 9, we will begin working with IABC Southern Region leadership to deactivate our chapter at the International level. No other feasible option seems available. Nevertheless, we would welcome ideas if you want to share.

    Whether you have comments or ideas to share, or if you’re interested in serving, please get in touch with Melyssa Prince (melyssa57@gmail.com) or Tim Tune (tim.tune@timtune.com) immediately.

    If the chapter is deactivated, members have the option of changing their local membership to another chapter. The IABC Dallas Chapter is the nearest chapter. Brazos Valley Chapter in Bryan-College Station is the next nearest.

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